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We are a group of Accounting and Auditing experts who have extended bookkeeping and evaluating information and great involvement with deciphering and applying related exercises.

We work with our clients to fabricate a decent bond and offer customized support to suit the client's all monetary necessities.

Our Principles

Our goal is to offer advanced assistance and accounting services to companies at a reasonable cost in UAE.


We esteem our clients, giving them an environment of trust, proprietorship, accomplishment, and improvement.


We are maintaining our dealings with respect and dignity among our accomplices, peers, and clients.


Being consistent with our activities, not simply in words; keeping up with respectability indirectly, delivering high expectation results.

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Committed to one determined guideline: going beyond client expectations and commitment.

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What We Offer

We engage organizations to make more prominent progress through unfaltering responsibility, exceptional services, and a ceaseless focus on innovation.

Internal Audit
External Audit
Statement Audit
IFRS Financial
Risk Management
Operational Audit
Compliance Audit
Financial Audit
Independent Review
Investigation Audit
Inventory Audit


How Can Finjuris bring value to your Organization?

Finjuris is a registered entity to lead the best auditing service in UAE for compliance by the management, government bodies, banks, and free zones. We have faith in giving genuine knowledge into the business not just by breaking down and checking the financial information but also by giving proactive ideas to progress and revealing insight into the fundamental dangers.

We are highly capable and experienced to push your organization's development plans. Our ensured group rehearses the set of rules diligently and is known for its honesty, objectivity, and incredible skill; bringing about strong client organizations. We can give you an Audit Report that is obligatory for permit reestablishment and other significant purposes.

Significance of Auditing

Auditing is the independent assessment of financial statements to prevent mistakes and extortion and to keep up with accuracy in the information. The organizations become more diverse and the administration of the companies are playing various strategies to beat the market.

Planning & Budgeting


Minimizing Errors

Improving Credibility

Auditing Process We Follow

Finjuris Auditing Services offers a decisively planned auditing service in Dubai for business and it includes different stages. Given beneath are the cycles associated with the audit process at Finjuris.

It includes the amount of audit needed, tasks and procedures to be performed, understanding of the business, assessments of risk, and time required for the auditing.
It involves the review of invoices and all expenses, applying different audit tests.
Checking details of accounts with info present in documents. Research, and documentation of the reasons for the change in accordance with the last audit.
It includes the information about the company, tests conducted, financial statements in detail, any issues with the finance of the company, and submission of the audit report.
It involves a review of computer systems over software infringement and data processing. If there is any access to third-party applications.
Detailed analysis of planning, goals, procedures, and results.
To examine any breaches, and collect evidence if someone has been charged.

Customer Testimonial

We Care About Our Customers Experience Too

One of the best legal advisory firms for the fintech business space in Dubai. Their co-operation was amazing.
Daniel Jones
Honestly appreciate the service and understanding they give to their customers. Welldone 😍
Md Ali
Finjuris is the best Legal & Licensing Advisory. They Helped me in every step. Thanks Finjuris
Pamela D Shah

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That is why we’re here

We make it simpler and easier for you. Before you do anything, talk to one of our Company Formation Specialists.

That is why we’re here

We make it simpler and easier for you. Before you do anything, talk to one of our Company Formation Specialists.