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We provide a wide range of services intended to meet different business needs.

Business Setup

We help entrepreneurs set up new businesses and the right guidance to grow capital.


We help businesses with the tax expertise and financial accounting with transparency


We assist organizations with exploring complex regulations along with developing trust and proficiency.

VAT and Tax advisory

We are here to help you out with all that is connected with Value Added Tax in the United Arab Emirates.

Merger & Acquisition

We help you resolve strategic value faster and with more certainty while keeping pace with changes in the market.


We can give our Top-class expertise to the financial valuation of your assets, so that you get the absolute value of your assets.

Let's figure out how we can improve your business!

Save time and effort. We take care of your business, while you take care of your customers.

  • Team of international professionals
  • Experience with multiple business sector
  • All corporate secretarial services under one roof

Why Choose Us?

Our tried and tested process saves you time and money while eliminating the migraines of starting your journey. We know the game. We have the connections. We are the market leaders.

1. Transparency

We connect people with stakeholder expectations to change thinking and lead the way.

2. Integrity

We drive organizations forward, maintaining sustainability with the conviction to arise stronger.

3. Efficiency

We enable organizations to go with the best-informed choices and think about additional opportunities.

Do you want to plan a business setup in Dubai?

Contemplating whether you can begin a Dubai company yourself? You can. However, there are a few things you really want to be aware.

A huge number of choices

With more than 60 jurisdictions, how do you have any idea which is the right one for your Dubai organization? How would you ensure you're picking the right permit and business action? Try not to give your business setup access to Dubai be an experimentation cycle.

It is never a walk in a park

Liaising with the authorities and government departments alone takes time and travel miles.

Lots and Lots of paperwork

Establishing a company in Dubai includes lots of paperwork. Think structures, applications, banking, and lawful prerequisites - and that is only the beginning.

We've done the hard work and assisted businesses with exploring many choices while they focused on their thrilling new Dubai setup. Our process sets aside your time and money, to ensure you get set up the correct way!

The process of business setup in Dubai

With Finjuris as your organization development partner, Registering an organization in the UAE is easy and cost-effective. Truth be told, the whole interaction can require just 24 hours! Believe it or not! You should simply supply us with the relevant information about your organization and we do the rest. Here is our dependable process.

1 - Preparing the Documentations

If you are a foreign business visionary starting up in another country interestingly, the documentation cycle can be tedious. We assist you with settling on the best choices for your Dubai organization and handle the entirety of the perplexing administrative work.

2 - Business License

Selecting the right license and applying for it are fundamental to getting your business arrangement in Dubai. Having a top to bottom comprehension of the customs around setting up your permit to operate will assist you with keeping away from the normal traps we see new businesses fall into. For example, some business classifications expect early approvals from specific authorities. An organization formation expert will direct you through the fundamental prerequisites to begin your business.

3 - Visa Process

Privately owned businesses can acquire new employment entry permits licenses for their employees provided they apply for residence visa status within the span of 30 days of the employee's entry into the UAE.

4 - Bank Account

Setting up a corporate bank account in the UAE can be somewhat strenuous for global business people. It requires cautious thought and there are a few boxes to tick to guarantee you have everything set up prior to moving toward your bank of choice.

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We Care About Our Customers Experience Too

One of the best legal advisory firms for the fintech business space in Dubai. Their co-operation was amazing.
Daniel Jones
Honestly appreciate the service and understanding they give to their customers. Welldone 😍
Md Ali
Finjuris is the best Legal & Licensing Advisory. They Helped me in every step. Thanks Finjuris
Pamela D Shah

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That is why we’re here

We make it simpler and easier for you. Before you do anything, talk to one of our Company Formation Specialists.

That is why we’re here

We make it simpler and easier for you. Before you do anything, talk to one of our Company Formation Specialists.