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As one of the leading audit
companies in Dubai/UAE,

We provide cutting-edge accounting and audit solutions to assist customers in effectively growing and expanding their businesses. All of our services are created and delivered with ethics as the top priority. Accounting, Auditing, VAT-related services, CFO services, Bookkeeping, Due Diligence, and a variety of other services are available to help firms comply with UAE tax and accounting requirements. Finjuris can provide the best accounting and bookkeeping services in Dubai without sacrificing quality or ethics. Finjuris Businessmen Services is the first choice when it comes to selecting an accounting or audit firm in Dubai since we have specialists that can solve any form of financial difficulty in business.

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We value our customers and provide them with an atmosphere of trust, ownership, accomplishment, and growth.


We do our business with respect and dignity for our partners, peers, and clients.


Being constant in our actions, not only in words; implicitly maintaining credibility, and delivering on high expectations.

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Committed to one guiding principle: exceeding client expectations and commitment.


Accounting is the systematic process of identifying, documenting, analysing, classifying, authenticating, abridging, construing, and communicating financial data. Accounting properly discloses profit or loss for a specific period, as well as the value and nature of a company's assets, liabilities, and ownership share. It contains custom and body of knowledge connected to procedures for documenting transactions, keeping financial records, executing internal audits, reporting, and evaluating monetary data to management, and tax advice. Accounting offers information about the assets accessible to a firm, the methods used to finance those assets, and the outcomes obtained via their utilization. Accounting firms play an important role in assisting businesses to improve their goodwill, financial stability, credit management, audits, financial reporting, and so on.

Why is accounting essential for businesses?

Accounting has established a solid basis for itself as a significant and critical component of managing financial administration for enterprises. Companies should significantly improve their chances of success by utilizing expert accounting services from top accounting companies. The following are some of the advantages of Finjuris accounting services in the UAE.

We are committed to offering transparent and methodical financial statement audits and other assurance services to provide useful insights into your business, in addition to the examination and approval of documents.

Other Related Services


Accounts payable outsourcing

Accounting and financial reporting

Accounting supervision services

Updating of backlog accounts

Account reconciliation services

Payroll services


An audit is a rigorous and comprehensive investigation of an organization's books, accounts, statutory records, papers, and vouchers to ensure that the financial statements, as well as non-financial disclosures, offer an accurate and fair picture of the company. In other words, it examines an existing system, report, or entity.

Auditing is one of the essential services that any organization requires in order to track their financial operations. Our skilled auditors in Dubai produce a precise, complete, and unbiased audit, assuring regulatory compliance. Using professional audit services in Dubai ensures that your company is in compliance with UAE laws, rules, and accounting standards.

We are committed to offering transparent and methodical financial statement audits and other assurance services to provide useful insights into your business, in addition to the examination and approval of documents

Significance of Auditing

Planning and

It keeps them informed about the costs and allocations. Budgets for future business growth can be developed using this audited information.


Auditing assists in determining if financial statements are prepared in conformity with financial standards and rules.


audited information increases the owners' credibility to invest more in the firm, increasing market share.

Detection of mistakes
and fraud

Through a careful review of financial records, we can detect errors resulting from omission, conduct, or principle, as well as intentional fraudulent operations.


It gives evidence or supporting documentation demonstrating the transactions and cash flow.

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Protection against attempts to swindle investors.

Financial statements must be precise.

Competence and knowledge.

Absolute adherence to existing government regulations.

Internal control verification.


A skilled business consultant may provide several advantages to a struggling business. They can identify and indicate issues, acknowledge inadequacies and inactivity, and provide viable remedies to help the organization get back on track.

Choosing a strong, dependable business advice service in Dubai will provide you with remarkable benefits in terms of risk management, money, clients, company ideas, and so on.

Our Areas of Expertise Includes

VAT Services

Tax Advisory

International Taxation

Corporate Governance

Merger & Acquisitions

Business Startups

Risk Management

Financial Feasibility

Different Phases of Business Consulting

It is essential to consider these factors during effective business advisory and consulting.

Data & Insights

Here at Finjuris we gather core data with respect to the business and deeply examine it for insights to proceed to the next stage of solution..


Our experts address the problem to reach a solution. It is then discussed with the client and proper solution is provided.

Strategy Planning

A strategic advisor with capable vital planning can deal with significant major issues or potential openings in an organization.


This is the final step to working on the solution provided, the success of implementation depends on the support of the organization.

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